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How is the app cost calculated?

The size of the team and the time spent on design and development are at the core of the cost of any app. And those two depend on the complexity of the project: the more complex is the app, the more people and time it takes to build it.

What’s included in the app cost?

If you decide to build your app with a mobile development company, you get more than just a team of experienced designers and developers to work on your project. For example, at Bamboo Apps, we also hold elaboration sessions with our clients to crystalize their app ideas and develop technical requirements, features list, estimate the length and the cost of the development. Additionally, we do the guided project onboarding, where we introduce the client to the development process and the project management strategy. All of that comes at no extra charge, because we’re interested in our client’s success and peace of mind during the project.

How long does it take to develop an app? Is there
a way to speed up the process?

Anywhere from 2 to 8+ months depending on the complexity of the application. If you’re looking to develop an app in a short time, you may consider hiring a bigger team (more people = more work done). Alternatively, you can break down the project into several stages. That way you’ll be able to reduce the number of features or screens your app will have in the initial version and launch it quickly.

Can I choose a custom team for my project?

Absolutely. Depending on your goals and priorities, you can form a custom dedicated or project team. We’ll gladly assist you with choosing the right team for your app project.

How can you guarantee that you’ll meet the project deadlines?

We’re committed to the efficiency of processes. Our project managers choose the optimal delivery strategy for each project, continuously monitor and adjust processes, analyze the risks and take actions to mitigate them. We also pay special attention to the effectiveness of our teams and make sure everyone on the team is fully dedicated to a single project, instead of assigning the same team for several projects.

I’m still finalizing the app idea, features, and requirements. Should I reach out to you at this stage?

Sure! Teaming up with experts early in the project will allow you to more efficiently elaborate on the app idea and develop precise requirements. We offer project discovery as a separate service, meaning you can then use the prototype and the tech documentation with any other vendor or for your in-house team. If you decide to build your app from scratch with us, project elaboration will be a free addition to the scope.